Safety installations have become a necessity these days. You can’t compromise on safety if you want to have a productive workplace with healthy and happy employees. This is only possible when you equip your working space with the right safety equipment. 

When it comes to installation there is a huge range to choose from. It can be daunting trying to find the right Ssafety Bollard or barrier for your workplace. Regardless of the business or workspace, safety bollards serve a variety of purposes in many different industries. 

Bollards are a versatile safety solution that can be installed to suit specific needs. Just to give you an idea of their versatility, we’ve listed some of the industries and uses bollards serve below:

City Planning:

In hugely crowded cities, traffic can be hard to control sometimes. This can potentially pose a safety threat to assets and pedestrians. Urban areas and buildings in these cities may have large areas specified as footpaths. These areas usually contain high pedestrian traffic and ensuring vehicles can navigate around them safely is crucial. The best way to stop vehicles entering pedestrian spaces is by installing safety bollards that protect pedestrians. City authorities care a lot about the safety of their community spaces, thus safety bollards can be one of the most effective and simple safety measures regarding this cause. 

Warehouse Safety:

Warehouses are busy areas where workers need to be productive alongside vehicles and machinery. This means naturally there are more hazards present which calls for highly efficient safety measures in warehouses. Forklifts and other kinds of heavy machinery are at work in multiple areas of warehouses. Thus, safety bollards make sure that there are minimal chances of pedestrians coming in the way of moving forklifts and automated machinery. You can clearly define paths for each to move through safely with the help of safety bollards and barriers. This makes warehouses a safer place for pedestrians and workers to move around.


Parking areas see a huge load of incoming and outgoing traffic during peak work hours. This calls for extra safety measures to avoid any kind of collision between vehicles. This also poses a threat to pedestrians walking around in the parking space. People are usually hasty during peak hours, and there is always the chance of risk due to natural human error. In order to make sure that parking complexes are running smoothly and safely as possible, safety bollards are installed at strategic locations.

Event Planning:

Different public and private events will often include a crowd of people. While the size of a crowd can vary greatly, the need to manage them safely is always top priority. Managing an overwhelming crowd can be a huge challenge if not done safely. Make use of different safety installations to keep attendees safe and avoid any unfortunate events.