Warehouse OH&S features include simple things like safety barrier installation, but even with the best solutions, warehouse safety can feel like a never ending challenge.

At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we try to make it easy to install safety features in warehouses, industrial sites and carparks, and give our customers reassurance that they have the best solutions available.

Workplace safety equipment, personal protective clothing and accessories like hi vis clothing, helmets, face masks are required by law, but that doesn’t mean potential risks don’t still get overlooked.

To help you take stock of your workplace, we will outline some of the most common safety hazards found in warehouse environments and give our solutions.

Forklift Accidents

Due to the speed, size, weight and shape of forklifts, forklift accidents can be some of the deadliest to occur in warehouse environments. All aspects of pedestrian and driver error must be carefully managed and avoided.

There are several kinds of risks involved in operating forklifts. First, objects may fall and damage equipment, products and/or people if drivers over stack forklifts or are not careful enough to ensure everything is properly secure.

The second potential risk is collisions. Collisions represent some of the most dangerous accidents in a warehouse, especially if a person has been hit. Collisions endanger lives as well as damage stock and halt warehouse operations.

Forklift Accident Solutions:

To avoid forklift accidents there are a few things you can do:

First of all, only trained drivers should operate forklifts and careless driving should never be encouraged. All drivers should undertake refresher courses on a regular basis to avoid complacency and avoid forming bad habits.

Secondly, the layout and safety equipment within your warehouse plays an important role in keeping everyone and everything safe and secure.

For example, clear hi-vis floor markings can encourage drivers to drive safely, while forklift safety barriers can protect pedestrians and equipment from the possibility of collisions.

Falling Accidents

Thanks to metal, cement and polish floors, many warehouses represent significant risks when it comes to slips and falls.

If this wasn’t enough, liquid spills and debris can also make the floor unstable and cause pedestrians to trip and fall.

Falling Accident Solutions:

All personnel should be properly attired and equipped with the right kind of safety equipment to reduce the risk of falls. This includes, but is not limited to, wearing appropriate shoes that provide necessary grip.

Another great solution is floor tape and permanent floor marking to help pedestrians identify and avoid potentially hazardous areas and maintain their balance.

You should also invest in high quality and reliable lighting, so that pedestrians never lose their footing due to poor visibility.

Finally, stairways and elevated pedestrian walkways and mezzanines should have a high-grip surface, such as textured treads or coatings that prevent slips.

Falling Object Injuries

Stacking materials too high can lead to large and heavy objects falling from great heights. Injuries and damage from falling pallets and storage systems can be substantial, as well as fatal, so it’s essential that you do everything possible to reduce the risk.

Like forklift accidents, falling object accidents occur for two reasons. First, objects fall when pallet racking storage systems are damaged, usually because of collisions from vehicles. Secondly, objects fall when your pallet racking and storage systems are not built to withstand the weight, size or shape of your materials. In some cases, this may be because you are overloading your storage and pallet systems. In other cases, you may have wrongly invested in poor quality racking and storage equipment that cannot hold the weight.
Falling Object Solutions:

The best way to avoid falling objects is to invest in high quality pallet racking systems, pallet racking protection and secure storage.

In particular, pallet racking protection helps protect stacked objects, pallet racking and storage from being dislodged or damaged during business operations.

Pallet racking protection also protects your stacked, heavy and hazardous objects from collisions with vehicles such as forklifts and trucks.

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