Across warehouses worldwide, you will find features such as handrails, bollards, and industrial walkways. Although these may seem simple, straightforward instruments, the quality of their design and creation is paramount for workplace safety.

At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we take great care to ensure that our products are expertly crafted and manufactured. As a result, we provide superior safety solutions that consistently meet our client’s expectations.

Our skilled engineers are trained to deliver products that meet the highest safety standards and can also create custom solutions that suit specialist needs.

Our personalised solutions provide reliable safety services for Australian businesses seeking peace of mind and safety. All of our work is fully insured for both projects and workers. Whether you’re looking for new walkways of precise measurements, or simply need high-quality security bollard installation, we’re here to help.



A great way to expand your workplace’s storage capacity is by utilising rooftop access through raised walkways. However, not all metal decking is the same. The materials and execution can vary greatly.

High-quality metal decking is essential for ensuring structural integrity, wear resistance, and load-bearing capacity. Low-quality materials come with greater risks. This is why any walkway must comply with Australian Building Regulation standards. Depending on factors such as size, location, and materials used, different regulations and laws may apply.


Handrails are versatile and can be used to increase safety in many situations, like the walkways we’ve just mentioned. Whilst poor-quality handrails may offer only a visual warning, they can be unstable. You won’t want to grab hold of one of these in a bind.

High-quality handrails are durable and strong, serving as more than just visual guides. The fabrication process of premium handrails includes precise welding, seamless joint integration, and thorough quality checks, resulting in a sturdy and reliable structure that can withstand harsh warehouse environments.

These handrails are engineered to handle significant loads and meet safety standards, even in the presence of heavy machinery or accidental impacts.


There are various designs and materials of bollards out there, each suitable for different situations. Although plastic bollards or safety cones that can be easily moved might be useful for accidents or spills, they won’t be strong enough to withstand the impact of a vehicle.

It’s crucial to use durable permanent bollards to safeguard vulnerable areas.

Stay Safe, Stay Compliant

Here at Warehouse Pedestrian Safety, we ensure that all our products meet Australian standards. Enjoy the peace of mind of keeping your employees and stock as safe as can be while also staying legally compliant.

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