Bollards are short vertical posts that act as safety barriers. These devices can be found everywhere from streets and parks to industrial warehouses and factories. They play a valuable role in preventing entry to vehicles and personnel when it is unsafe or prohibited.

While a bollard may seem simple at first glance, over the years these devices have evolved and branched out with different devices to suit many different niches.

At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we think injury prevention is of the utmost importance. So, whether you’re looking for some new security bollard installation, Melbourne residents should get in touch. We’d love to provide you with your safety solution.

How are Bollards Created

Bollards are available in a wide range of different niches, so naturally, they are made of a variety of different materials, each entailing a different creation process.

Plastic Bollards

These are a common sight whenever there is road work happening. These brightly coloured bollards are designed to catch the eye and deviate traffic, rather than create an impenetrable barrier. Plastic bollards are usually made through a process called injection moulding. This process involves heating plastic pellets to a high temperature and then pouring them into a bollard-shaped mould.

These bollards are not installed, rather they are designed to be lightweight and movable for temporary situations.

Wooden Bollards

Wooden bollards can often be found in parks and walkways to prevent vehicle access. These bollards are typically created through a process called milling in which wood is passed through a machine that uses blades to cut it into a desired shape.

When installing wooden bollards, a hole will generally be dug for the wooden bollard to enter, before it is then secured using concrete.

Concrete Bollards

Concrete bollards are a long-term solution to protect the public and buildings from runaway vehicles. At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we offer a premium custom concrete bollard service.

Concrete bollards are created by mixing concrete and pouring it into a specially designed mould. Once it has cured, the bollard is removed, and a finish is applied.

At WPS, our concrete bollards offer several advantages over other methods of separating vehicles and pedestrians. Our bollards can be custom shaped and designed specifically for your application. Even the size and weight of our bollards can be tailored, meaning that the bollards you get will be 100% perfect for your needs.

Our concrete bollards have a long life, they are easy to clean and unlike some other materials, they will not rust or corrode over time. These bollards are quick to install and do not require invasive work such as digging holes.

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