COVID-19 was an undoubtedly unexpected event that none of us saw coming in 2020. The entire world is now looking to continue performing our duties and carry on procedures using safer, more socially different ways. Businesses and organisations around the world are also changing the ways in which they trade during restrictions and continuously as they ease. 

Considering the situations globally, it is absolutely essential for businesses and individuals alike to comply with the safety standards implemented by their governments. In such scenarios we’ve seen how the humble Safety Bollard can be helpful for businesses and customers to know and follow the rules. 

Safety bollards can be a great tool to keep people distant from each other in situations where queueing is necessary. Businesses like grocery retail chains, coffee shops where public dealing is necessary can make use of these safety bollards in order to keep their customers safe. These bollards will help them in reminding their customers about the implementation of social distancing and how they can keep themselves distant from each other using these safety installations.

Safety bollards are helpful in the implementation of social distancing because they are practical tools used to limit the entry of an excessive number of people to a particular site. Bollards can also be helpful in creating quick and easy queue systems that are on par with the government standards for social distancing. You can keep employees and customers separated with the help of bollards. These bollards would encourage people to follow the correct methods of queuing and social distancing. You can also use these bollards for the display of instructions and messages regarding queues for people. 

There are multiple types of bollards that can be useful in implementing social distancing at public dealing pints or spots. Due to the situations lately, businesses can efficiently make use of multiple types of bollards to keep their customers separate from each other to avoid any kind of physical contact or chances of transmission. Bollards are generally used to define certain areas and spaces. Thus, enabling people to maintain the right amount of social distance between each other at grocery stores, coffee shops, and cafes. 

Safety equipment including bollards is an essential element in car parking systems and places. Bollards play an important role in keeping the flow of the car parking mechanisms in an orderly manner. These car parking systems are now extensively used as drive-thru Covid-19 testing mechanisms and safety bollards are helping people in maintaining the right amount of distance from each other.

In addition to the original purpose of safety bollards, it is evident that bollards can be used to make people aware of spaces and paths easily. This allows businesses to continue their trade without any hurdle while making sure that their customers are safe from any kind of potential medical risks through social distancing.