Whilst safety barriers are usually associated with construction work and other high-risk jobs, they have practical uses in many different industries.


When ensuring safety, you can never overdo it. Even small businesses should invest in pedestrian safety barriers, signage or other safety devices to ensure that staff, visitors, and stock are kept from harm.


Retail and Personal Service

Whether it is a personal service store like hairdressing or beauty therapy, or a retail store, many businesses will have their own car parks for customers. It’s been well documented that most vehicle accidents take place in car parks.


With careful placement of bollards, speed bumps, and other tools you can help to prevent and reduce car park accidents. Not only will this protect your customers and their cars, it will also ensure nobody crashes into your building or shopfront.


Vehicle-focused businesses such as mechanics and car vendors should pay extra attention to this due to the high importance placed on vehicles. The last thing you want is for a customer to get a scratch or ding on their newly purchased or restored vehicle.


Larger retail stores often have extensive backrooms. These can even have mezzanine floors or second levels to store extra stock or equipment. Whatever they are being used for, any upper floor should have safety barriers installed. Any backroom that is accessed by trucks or makes use of forklifts and pallet jacks can also use safety barriers to prevent accidents and injury to staff. If you are preventing crashes, you are also preventing stock from being damaged, so safety tools will also save you on expenses.




In the construction industry, even small accidents can have drastic consequences. Safety regulations are strictly enforced for a very good reason in this industry, increasing the need for safety barriers.

Depending on the type of construction work, different safety devices will be used. Any work that is done on a rooftop or high-up place will use safety barriers and protective scaffolding to prevent workers from any potential slips and falls.


Signs, mesh, and safety cones can all be used to prevent access to hazardous zones. Brightly coloured safety tools are particularly great, as they catch the eye and help to raise awareness and keep safety in the mind of those around.


Warehouse and Factory Jobs

Warehouses and factories can be great places to work in, but the use of heavy machinery and equipment means that these jobs can be dangerous if the proper safety devices are not installed.


Barriers and handrails should be installed around any drops or dangerous machinery.


Warning signage can keep workers on their toes and ensure they are thinking of safety. This is especially important in warehouses or factories in which forklifts or other vehicles are being moved around.


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