Factory work can be extremely dangerous, so it’s crucial to prioritise safety measures. Factory injury accidents can result in costly lawsuits, worker injury and even death. If you’re a factory owner or manager, you are responsible for your worker’s safety, and you must take the necessary steps to minimise risk.

At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we stock a range of safety equipment specially designed for factories. Amongst our range, you’ll find safety pedestrian barriers, E flare protector beacons, shoe cleaners, sterilisation baths, vest hooks, anti-slip flooring, and more.

The Risks of Factory Work

While the risks will differ between factories, factory workers are exposed to all kinds of different risks. These include slips, falls, cuts, burns, hazardous materials, moving machinery, forklifts, and heavy equipment. Something as innocent as a trip or fall can prove fatal if the worker makes contact with moving machinery.

Factory Safety Equipment

The best ways to prevent factory accidents are to educate your workers on the risks and to provide them with high-quality safety equipment.

E Flare Protector Beacons

In a factory, it’s extremely important that workers know where each other are. If workers don’t know who’s around, they risk turning on machinery while someone is working on it, which can be fatal. E-flare protector beacons instantly notify everyone where you are working within a factory, highlighting your position for others to see. These beacons provide a clear indication of a worker’s location, even in low-light conditions.

Shoe Cleaners and Steriliser Baths

In some factories, contamination and hazardous substances pose a huge issue. Automatic shower cleaners and steriliser baths work to keep dirt and other unwanted substances out of the factory and can also be utilised to prevent hazardous substances from leaving their designated areas.

Vest Hooks

High-visibility work vests are a must-have when working in a factory. However, for workers to have easy access to vests, they must have a designated place to store them. These should have designated hooks so that they are easily accessible and don’t become slipping hazards.

Anti-Slip Materials

With factory hazards, even small trips and slips can be fatal. That’s why it is of paramount importance that anti-slip flooring materials are utilised whenever possible.

Workplace Pedestrian Safety

Safety should be a top priority in any workplace, for pedestrians and workers alike. This is especially important in a factory or warehouse where even small accidents can have severe consequences.

By providing the necessary safety equipment, you help to prevent accidents and create a safer working environment. It’s easy to put off workplace safety – don’t wait for an accident to occur, prevent it from happening in the first place.

At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we’re here for all your factory safety needs. So if you’re committed to improving the safety of your factory, we’d love to help. Get in touch today.


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