Have you ever been to a car park and felt concerned about being hit from left or right? We’re sure this has happened to everyone at least once, if not more often. Car parks are often prone to hazards because of their narrow, high-risk nature. Pedestrians, vehicles, and facilities are constantly exposed to moving vehicles which can pose a danger if they are reckless or the car park is poorly managed.

If you own a workplace, what measures have you taken to protect pedestrians and prevent vehicle damage? We at Workplace Pedestrian Safety provide easy safety solutions, such as installing industrial safety barriers to ensure pedestrian safety. If you’re determined to make your car park safe, consider some of these security solutions that you can implement.

Car Park Barriers

Boom gates and wedges are a type of car park barrier. If your concern is high-traffic car parks such as shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and public parks, car park barriers are the best choice for you. Besides taking care of your safety concerns and controlling traffic flow, they also provide ticketing and intercom services.

Operable Bollards

Narrow entries and individual bays are high-risk areas. When it comes to their safety, parking bollards provide the best solution, whether automated or retractable. An authorised person can supervise the bollards, which means vehicles get guaranteed access and security when needed.

Height Warning

Heavy vehicles like loaded trucks are undoubtedly a scary sight. Maximum height warnings come in handy in such situations. They reduce the risk of accidents and ensure you are not stuck with a heavily loaded truck. Height warnings must come before car park barriers to make drivers aware of whether their vehicle will fit.

Speed Humps

Many drivers do not obey speed limit signs, which contributes to the fact that 3% of pedestrian accidents occur in car parks. Speed humps slow down the traffic and warn the driver of an upcoming pedestrian. Ensure the speed humps are bright and visible if your car park is dim and undercover.

Zebra Crossings

To show care for pedestrians, giving them a specified crossing path will minimise the risk of accidents. Zebra crossing should be a part of your plan before designing the car park. People tend to walk on designated pathways instead of hurting themselves in the traffic.

Street Furniture

This may seem odd to you but don’t worry; it is quite a practical safety solution. Street furniture helps to prevent illegal entry to unauthorised vehicles and secures access to your car park. You can get street furniture in any shape or combination with chairs, bike racks, trash bins, or crash-rated planters.

Protect Your Business Now!

Car park accidents injure pedestrians and cause vehicle and facility damage. If you do not take safety measures now, you may lose your employees and a lot of money. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us assist you in your efforts to ensure a secure and risk-free workplace.