When it comes to warehouses, construction sites, and freight centres, even small accidents can lead to horrible injuries or damages to stock. In these industries, forklifts can be of great assistance, moving heavy objects with ease, but they can also cause massive damage.

It’s important that anywhere a forklift is being used, safety equipment are used to ensure a safe environment and a lower chance of accidents. Tools such as signage, industrial safety barriers, and bollards can be used to great effect.


The Forklift and its Potential for Harm


The modern forklift is a thing of beauty, and it’s easy to take for granted. Think back to centuries earlier, in which manually powered hoists had to be used to lift and lower heavy items. Even the first forklifts from the early 1900s are a far cry from the innovative machines we have today. While modern forklifts are more manoeuvrable and easier to control than earlier devices, they are also faster and more powerful.

No matter where a forklift is being used, it is imperative that the user has been trained and holds a valid forklift licence. If the forklift load obstructs any of the driver’s view, they should always work with a spotter. However, even when the proper precautions are being followed and everybody is properly trained, there will always be a capacity for accidents. It’s important that safety tools are installed to prevent and reduce the impact of any accidents.

Safety Tools


There is a wide range of safety tools available to help prevent forklift accidents. Here are some of our recommendations:


Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are simple and effective ground-level barriers that prevent forklifts, cars, or any other vehicles from entering areas they are not supposed to be in. They are small enough that they can be easily stepped over, ensuring the area is still accessible by people.



A well-placed bollard can make a huge difference. Brightly coloured bollards serve as visible warnings as well as physically preventing a forklift from entering should something go wrong. Removable bollards can be installed and uninstalled as many times as you like. Allowing areas to be opened up when a forklift needs to come in and then closed off when the job is finished.


Safety Barriers 

When there isn’t the proper space to provide at least three metres of distance between a forklift and pedestrians, a safety barrier must be installed. These brightly coloured barriers essentially serve as an industrial-strength barricade, allowing pedestrians to go safely about with their work while a forklift is also working nearby.

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