In any workplace, safety is of paramount importance. Incident prevention needs to be a priority of any workplace, but especially those with particular hazards.

There are many different workplace hazards out there, as well as tools and solutions to prevent them. Perhaps the most important tool is education – if you are aware of certain hazards, you can perform risk assessment and make action to improve safety

As you can gather from our name at Workplace Pedestrian Safety, the safety of those in and around workplaces is our passion. If you are looking for warehouse safety barriers, pallet racking protection or bollards, we stock a wide range of safety equipment


Trips, Slips and Falls

Trips, slips and falls are one of the most common workplace accidents as they can happen in almost any workplace. In order to prevent these, the condition of floor and ground services must be maintained and areas must be well lit. Any cleans or spills must immediately be cleaned up, with the proper signage placed as a warning.

These incidents can be made far worse if they are in a location where someone could fall off a ledge or into machinery, so these areas require safety barriers.


Physical Hazards

Physical hazards include extreme temperatures and noise levels. When working in areas of intense temperatures such as in a freezer, proper breaks must be taken, as well as the correct usage of the right equipment.

For areas of extreme noise, high-quality hearing protection must be worn.

As always, visible signage is a great way to reinforce these rules, and notify anyone that these hazards exist.


Chemical Hazards

Chemical hazards include flammable and dangerous substances. These include liquids and gases. All flammable and dangerous substances must be clearly labelled and employees must be properly notified of risk areas.


Ergonomic Hazards 

Ergonomic hazards are another type of common workplace hazard, as they can happen across many different industries.

In any jobs that require manual handling, muscular injuries can occur if any employee is lifting something in an inappropriate way. Not only does this include lifting a load that is too heavy, but also lifting with a bad posture, which can lead to back injuries. New employees must be properly instructed on the correct way to lift something. Specially designed back braces can also help workers to lift heavy items while reducing lumbar strain.

Ergonomic injuries can also be derived from bad posture which can even occur in office jobs in which a worker is sitting at a desk. Every employee must have access to a proper workstation where they can do their job comfortably and with good posture.


We’re Here to Help

At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we reckon that there is nothing more important in the workplace than worker safety. Whether you’re working full-time or just a few days a week, everybody deserves to have the utmost safety at work. If you’d like to increase the safety of your workplace, browse our range or get in touch today.