Handrails form a vital part of your workplace OH&S. Handrails are a safety barrier installation also known as safety railing. They act as a barrier to prevent falls and collisions, and provide something to hold onto for balance and stability.

High quality industrial handrails are also designed to enhance visibility and last a long time with minimal to no maintenance. Custom handrails can be designed and fitted to suit your specific needs and safety concerns.

Workplace Pedestrian Safety offers Australian businesses the most secure customised handrail safety barriers available.

Handrails have many safety applications inside a business. In this blog, we will discuss some of the most common uses for safety rails.

Stairways and Footbridges

Reduce the risk of slips and floors on stairs and footbridges by installing premium handrails. In this instance, handrails also function as a barrier to prevent falls from great heights, and provide something to grip.

Paths Around Vehicles

Handrails can be used to define pedestrian pathways around roads, offer something to hold onto for the elderly or disabled, and prevent pedestrians from falling into the pathway of moving vehicles.

Access Stairs, Ramps and Paths

Like stairways, footbridges and paths around vehicles, hand railing along access stairs, ramps and pedestrian pathways prevent falls and provide stability, as well as visibility and demarcation of a path, such as a pathway through a parkland area.

Service Platforms and Loading Bays

Due to the large amount of heavy machinery, pallets and boxes that pass through a service platform and loading bay, it’s vital to keep that area clear of unauthorised pedestrians. Keep your workplace safe by installing handrails around these important working areas.

Roof Areas and Fall Edges

Handrails are extremely important around roof areas and any other high risk edges to prevent catastrophic falls. Signs can also be added to give greater visibility and warning.

Car Parks and Outdoor Areas

Car parks and outdoor recreational areas are at high risk of accidents and collisions. Demarcate pedestrian pathways through busy car parks with brightly coloured high-strength handrails, or add handrails to separate traffic and activities in an outdoor area.

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