When it comes to safety equipment there is no one size fits all. Depending on the job, space, purpose, and functionality, your needs when picking a bollard can vary. Luckily there is a wide variety of safety bollards out there to fit any job. Read through some of the most common types, materials and uses here and get in touch with us for all your safety and security bollard installation needs.

Permanent / Fixed

Bollards offer protection and security from vehicles or pedestrians. This may be something your space needs protection from 24/7. If that’s the case, e.g. warehouses or car parks where pedestrians need to be protected from vehicles, then permanently fixed bollards are the easiest solution. Often concrete or metal these heavy duty safety bollards won’t ever budge.

Temporary / Removable

If you only need a short term solution then removable or temporary bollards are the way to go. They’re suited to spaces that are constantly changing in their use or construction sites that change the space, accessibility, and security of an area. Temporary bollards aren’t limited in materials either, they come in a wide range of rubber, plastic, concrete and metal. They usually require a base plate attachment to fix to.

Bike Racks

If you’re looking for bollards for public spaces that offer safety and security and want to make the most of them, bike racks are a great solution. Bike rack bollards are a multifunctional solution. Perfect for cyclists to safely park their bikes while the rack itself acts as a bollard between vehicles and pedestrians. The great thing about bike racks is they often come in a wider range of colours, shapes, and sizes so you can have a little more fun with aesthetics on these ones.

Protection / Anti Ram

Bollards allow you to protect areas, property, pedestrians and assets from outside factors, most often vehicles. Security bollards can protect building facades or areas with high pedestrian traffic from any oncoming vehicles. They offer anti ram protection and massively reduce impact in the unlikely even vehicles trespass. These can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Many anti ram bollards can be customised to fit in with the overall design of an area so they blend in seamlessly.

Collapsible / Flexible

Have total control over your security and safety in a space with a collapsible barrier or bollard. Perfect for car parks these barriers can be mounted to surfaces and often lock with a key. You can be in total control of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and access and have flexible space with flexible or collapsible barriers.


Concrete is by far the most heavy duty material you can choose when it comes to bollards. Concrete Bollards are better suited to pedestrian traffic or in car parks or warehouses with vehicles at low speeds. They can also be molded or shaped, custom painted, and deliver a clean finish.


Bollards come in a variety of metals, some stronger and more durable than others. Metals can be powder coated for higher visibility or to match better with surroundings. Metal bollards are great for anti ram purposes as they reduce impact and handle collision better than others.


Plastic bollards are lightweight and flexible. This makes them a more affordable solution. They may not be as long term as heavier duty materials but they’re easily installed and often come in a higher variety of bright, high visibility colours.