High-quality pallet racking protection

Your pallet racks are the lifeblood of your business, housing all of your most critical products and items.

However, the legs of these racks present a safety hazard, as they can be damaged or destroyed through general daily operations. This can result in significant ramifications regarding stock loss, as well as the safety of your workers and pedestrians.

Workplace Pedestrian Safety’s range of solutions is designed to protect your pallet racks, keeping your stock and staff out of harm’s way when it matters most.

Providing you with a number of options to choose from, we recommend the following products for bestin-class protection:

WPS Racking Leg Protectors

The pallet racks in your business are likely to be responsible for protecting millions of dollars in stock – stock that could become damaged and create a significant safety hazard if the legs on these racks were to fail or become damaged.

Many threats in environments like this – especially in factory contexts – pose the risk of causing damage to legs, including being struck by forklifts or trolleys. If this occurs, there’s a high likelihood that tons of stock could crumble to the floor and put workers in jeopardy.

To avoid this, Racking Leg Protectors can be installed to reduce the force of any impact. They are lasercut from 5mm-thick steel plates and are bolted to the floor to ensure your stock and pallet racks remain secure.

WPS Racking Protector Kits

For additional or optional security, WPS Racking Protector Kits can prevent trolleys and forklifts from reaching your pallet racks.

These polyethylene end guards will take almost any measure of force, are practically indestructible and will stand out with their bright-yellow colouring to alert workers that pallet racking is nearby.

Multiple modules can be daisy-chained together so you can protect pallet racks no matter how long they are. Best of all, these units are also UV-stabilised, so they can be used outdoors without the threat of fading.

The WPS Racking Protector Kits are an affordable, stable option to protect your pallet racking both through prevention and also by reducing the impact of any collisions.

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