As the weather warms up our calendars seem to fill up faster than ever. As festival season is upon us it’s important to keep safety a top priority when organising and attending events. Taking the time to plan out your event safety procedures and solutions means that things can run smoothly on the day. If you’re organising an event this festival season, read through this guide on why it’s so important to keep your event safe and call in the experts to help get you set up. From pedestrian safety barriers, to elevated walkways, or fencing; talk to us about your options because risking the safety of anyone at your event simply isn’t worth it.

Why is pedestrian safety so important?

Having adequate safety barriers set up at your event means your job will be a whole lot easier. Safety barriers will help you with crowd control most of all, but there are a variety of other benefits. Securing your event means you can monitor and restrict any unauthorised access. This will keep things safer for everyone involved and have a positive effect on the environment amongst attendees.

Crowd direction is also another valuable benefit of fitting out your event with the right barriers. It allows you to set up clear areas and channels for traffic. Direct traffic from key areas safely and restrict access from staff only or VIP areas. At large scale festivals in particular, crowd direction is crucial. Large groups moving from stage to stage at the same time without the correct planning and installation of safety barriers can quickly turn fatal. Avoid crowd crush by prioritising functionality and ergonomics and allow your attendees to navigate your event safely with the right equipment in place.

When organising a festival or event you need to be prepared for the unexpected. Consider how adaptable your safety set up is. If your event is outside one thing you need to consider is the weather conditions. This is something beyond your control although you can be clever in controlling how your event is equipt to safely adapt if need be. Organise safe undercover areas in the event of a downpour. Ensure your barriers and fencing can withstand high winds, supply adequate shade, and depending on your landscape make sure all walkways are safe and stable throughout the whole duration of the festival.

From music festivals to street parades, the separation of pedestrians and vehicles is something that can’t be compromised. Temporary fences allow you to adapt your setup and allow vehicles to pass through as needed. If vehicles are a key part of your event secure blockades need to be in place to ensure attendees do not get hurt or obstruct the path of drivers. Concrete and metal barriers allow you to set up a clear distinction and are far less likely of being tampered with, climbed, or moved.

If you’re organising an event this summer the key to pedestrian safety starts with the planning. Get ahead and talk to us about setting your event up with stable and secure barriers. Big or small, whatever the scale of your event, safety is still number one. Get a quote today to get started.