Whether you’re constructing a new one or your existing car park needs a safety upgrade, there’s a variety of solutions to ensure the safety of these areas. From parking lot barriers, to wheel stops, speed humps and mirrors, to ensure these high traffic areas run safely and smoothly. Being a higher risk area due to the number of pedestrians and vehicles it’s just not worth risking. We’ve outlined four main solutions when it comes to parking lot safety. 


Line Marking 

First and foremost, the simplest solution is line marking. Ensuring you have clear markings throughout the car park means vehicles can navigate the space safely. Direct traffic, allocate spaces, and ensure everything flows and fits with all the right markings.


Speed Humps

While vehicles aren’t usually hitting the highest speeds in car parks you can never be too safe. Speed humps are the easiest and most effective way to combat risky drivers. With pedestrians and especially children walking in and around cars, it’s extremely important that drivers stay at low speeds. You can’t control every drover but speed humps allow you to have better control over the speeds they can reach. Speed humps aren’t all the same, there’s different shapes, styles, sizes, and materials so you can choose exactly what’s right for your job.


Wheel Stops 

When it comes to wheel stops there’s a variety of colours and materials you can pick from but it’s important to keep a few things in mind when choosing. First and foremost, visibility. Drivers should be able to see the barriers. Choosing bright, high vis, colourful barriers mean that drivers have the chance to stop or slow down before they reach them, even when parking spaces are dark or dimly lit. When it comes to materials, if you need stops that are going to stand the test of time, concrete is the most durable material to work with. Rubber also provides a more eco friendly solution and come in a range of styles and colours.


Safety Mirrors

Make sure your finishing touches enhance the safety of your parking lot that little bit more. Mirrors are a great way to go that extra mile, increasing visibility and encouraging safety for drivers and pedestrians. Make it easier for drivers to be safe with mirrors around your lot. From convex to concave, big to small, there’s plenty to choose from.

Compromising safety is never worth the risk. If you’re concerned about your parking lot, talk to us about solutions.