At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we’re committed to providing businesses with high-quality, affordable safety devices. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop-shop, whether you’re looking for bollards, forklift stops or safety barriers. Melbourne businesses are safer and more secure with the help of Workplace Pedestrian Safety.  

At WPS, we take immense pride in the craftsmanship and manufacturing of our products, and it’s all done in Victoria. We’re an Australian business just like you, and understand the quality and specifications that Australians expect.  

If you find yourself unsure of what safety measures you require, our expert team is always here to guide you through an assessment, offering transparent, honest, and dependable solutions.  

All of our safety solutions are designed not only to be physical solutions which will stop any runaway forklifts, but cognitive ones too. That’s right: the benefits of barriers extend to simply alerting those in the environment of where vehicles can and cannot venture. We also create solutions with Duty of Care legislation in mind, to ensure your workplace is kept compliant. 


Forklifts and Safety

The WorkSafe guidelines state that it is essential to maintain a minimum of three metres of separation between pedestrians and forklifts to prevent any potential risks. If maintaining this distance is not possible, physical barriers must be installed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.  

Safety devices serve as both physical barriers and cognitive deflection by alerting pedestrians and forklift drivers, thus preventing collisions before they happen. Whilst the mandatory under-three-metre rule exists, it’s a good investment to install safety barriers anywhere forklifts are used, not only are they vital for the safety of your employees, they protect your valuable stock. 


The Cognitive Backing Behind Barriers 

Many times, a barrier will not have to be physically collided with to be effective. Instead, it will alert individuals and prevent a collision from happening in the first place.  

At WPS, we take this approach to heart. Our safety barriers are not only designed for structural integrity but also for maximum visibility. Our custom safety barriers, with their bright, eye-catching colouring, serve as mental cues that enhance awareness and prevent accidents.

The bright yellow colouring is chosen to create a visual impact. The science behind this colour choice is rooted in cognitive psychology, as bright yellow is a colour that naturally draws attention and triggers alertness. When workers and pedestrians see these barriers – even in their peripheral vision – they receive an immediate visual cue that prompts them to exercise caution. Oftentimes this effect will be unconscious, promoting safety even if individuals are being absent-minded. 


Embrace Safety Today 

Creating a safe workplace isn’t something you want to be half-hearted about. Sure, you could be stung by infringement fines, but nothing is worse than having an employee suffer a serious injury on your watch.
When you choose our custom safety barriers, you’re not just investing in physical barriers; you’re investing in the overall safety and efficiency of your workplace.  

Choose Workplace Pedestrian Safety for premium workplace safety and protect your employees and stock from accidents.