The health and safety of your workers at any warehouses should always be the utmost priority of employers. They should take initiative to create a work environment that is free of as many health and safety risks and hazards as possible. There should alway be adequate facilities available for workers at the workplace in order to keep things efficient and productive. 

These facilities include things like warehouse safety barriers, first aid boxes, dedicated walkways, and more recently sanitary safety equipment has become incredibly important. According to WHO, there are high chances of virus spread through physical contact and lack of sanitisation in the workplace. Thus, employers need to make sure that their employees are well aware of the contributing factors behind the spread and to follow proper SOPs while working to stay protected from Covid-19. I

It is the responsibility of employers to identify the risks in a workplace and implement strategies and safety arrangements to keep their workers safe. We have put together some expert tips to help employers in ensuring their workplace stays safe and sanitary.

Implement Physical Distancing:

It should be noted that employees working without safe social distance in between them are at a greater risk of exposure to Covid19. Thus, management should implement strategies to keep workers at a safe distance from each other while still being able to continue working. It can be challenging in some warehouse workplaces, however, this safe social distance holds the key to the safety of your workers. Physical distancing can play a pivotal role in minimising the spread of bacteria from one person to another. Employers should take key steps to make sure that close physical interaction between workers and other persons coming from outside is limited. Workers who don’t need to be present at the workplace like office and admin staff should be allowed to work from home where possible. Gatherings or training activities that are non-essential should be postponed. In case of a necessary gathering, social distancing should be practiced. These gatherings should be conducted in an open space or outdoors if possible. 

Health Checking & Sanitising Systems:

There should be a proper mechanism for medical check ups of your workers to spot key symptoms of Covid19 like high body temperature. Workers should only be allowed to enter the workspace when they are temperature checked to avoid bringing the virus into the space. Encourage all the workers to report if they are experiencing any symptoms like Fever, Lack of taste or smell, and so on. Restrict the access of a person experiencing Covid19 symptoms to your workplace. Implementing all these instructions and strategies will help you in keeping your workplace safe for your workers.
It is also important to station adequate and accessible amounts of hand sanitiser around your workplace. Employees need to be shown new processes regarding sanitising systems and stay vigilant when it comes to using them.
All of these efforts will help keep your workplace sanitised and protect you and your employees for longer.