We know that safety barriers are protective features, but just how many things can they safeguard? While this is not an exhaustive list, we would like to provide a good overview of the many applications of safety barriers in warehouses, factories and workshops. Safety barriers will help your business maintain the highest safety compliance, so if you have been considering getting a safety barrier installation, read on to discover their common uses and benefits.

Safety Barriers Protect Stock

These days we tend to store stock in vertical pallet racking, which is fantastic for saving space, but hazardous in the case of a collision, where everything from heavy stock items to the pallet racking itself can fall and cause injury along with loss of stock. In particular, the legs of pallet racking are vulnerable and present a safety hazard that needs to be safeguarded. Safety barriers help drivers be more vigilant, direct them away from stock areas and absorb the impact of any accident or collision. It goes without saying that this could end up saving you huge amounts of money in stock retention, as well as protect the safety of your employees.

Safety Barriers Protect Buildings

In a similar way, safety barriers can also be used to protect the walls and structural features of your buildings, ensuring that vehicles don’t accidentally come into contact with vital and expensive walls and support posts. Safety barriers are often used for this purpose in car parks around the periphery of a building, but they may also be needed inside a building to prevent collisions.

Safety Barriers Protect Machinery

Likewise, safety barriers also play an important role in protecting expensive and potentially dangerous machinery, both from unauthorised access and from vehicle collisions. Areas designated for machinery storage should also be protected, as well as the walkways through busy working areas between machinery operator points. 

Safety Barriers Protect Pedestrians

As mentioned above, safety barriers should be placed along walkways so staff and pedestrians can safely travel around your workplace where heavy machinery and vehicles are in operation.

Safety Barriers Prevent Falls

As per Australian safety standards, safety barriers and handrails are integral to preventing workplace falls, especially around raised platforms or when working near an unprotected edge or opening.

Safety Barriers Restrict Access

Safety barriers with appropriate signage should be used to restrict access to dangerous work zones by unauthorised personnel and pedestrians. Safety barriers should also be used to restrict access to elevated areas such as rooftops where there is no edge protection. As with most other safety barriers, barriers used to restrict access should be highly visible (brightly coloured and reflective as necessary) and fixed, so they cannot be moved or dislodged.

Our Safety Barrier Products

We offer specialised pallet racking protection and racking leg protectors, as well as racking protection kits that can be used outdoors.
We also specialise in parking lot safety barriers and protective features such as speed humps, wheel stops and safety mirrors, along with custom parking signs to inform and direct drivers.
Our forklift safety barriers are essential within warehouses to protect stock, staff and pedestrians. Our leading range is perfect for the implementation of your warehouse traffic management plan.

You can also divert traffic and add visibility with our best-in-their-class safety bollards. We provide custom solutions and installation.
Forklift stops help prevent accidents, add visibility and create safe working spaces. Our fork stops are some of the best in the business, renowned for their high-quality and effectiveness.
Finally, industrial handrails should be used to prevent falls around loading docks, mezzanines, platforms, pits, retaining walls, unstable surface areas and more. Our industrial handrails are designed to be durable and sturdy with no need for maintenance. 

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