Pallet racking protection plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and security of your warehouse or storage facility. Many warehouses succeed and fail on their stocktake, and by extension pallet racking protection can save costly stock damage and pay for itself many times over. With the potential to safeguard millions of dollars worth of stock, it is vital to implement effective measures to prevent damage and minimise risks.

There are many different ways you can protect your pallet racking. Tools like safety bollards can be used to protect pallet racking from forklifts, but in order to ensure your pallet racking is properly protected, it’s important to invest in specialist tools.


Why Specialist Tools are Important for Pallet Racking Protection

Tools specifically designed to protect pallet racking offer superior performance compared to alternatives, which may work in some cases but will fail in others.

Warehouses and factories are full of potential hazards, so pallet-racking collisions are a common occurrence, and it’s important to choose the protection that can withstand any incident. That’s why we recommend investing in Racking Leg Protectors and Racking Protector Kits. By prioritising pallet racking protection today, you can minimise the risks of stock damage, accidents, and time-consuming disruptions to your operation.

Racking Leg Protectors

The legs of pallet racks are vulnerable to damage and failure, posing significant risks to both the stored stock and the safety of surrounding workers and equipment. Instances such as collisions with forklifts or trolleys can damage pallet racking legs, potentially causing stock or even the entire racking to collapse.

To mitigate these risks, the installation of Workplace Pedestrian Safety’s Racking Leg Protectors is highly recommended. Our protectors are constructed from 5mm-thick steel plates, these protectors are laser-cut and firmly bolted to the floor, providing a sturdy barrier against impacts. By reducing the force of any collision, Racking Leg Protectors ensure the security of your stock and pallet racks.


Racking Protector Kits

We are also proud to offer Racking Protector Kits. These kits are designed to prevent trolleys and forklifts from reaching your pallet racks, further minimising the risk of damage. Unlike bollards, these are specially designed to protect your racking while also minimising obstructed space, allowing easy access to the pallets when you need them. Made from polyethylene, these end guards are resilient and can withstand substantial force. Their bright-yellow colour also serves as a visual warning to workers, alerting them to the presence of pallet racking.

The modular design of WPS Racking Protector Kits allows multiple units to be connected, enabling the protection of pallet racks of any length. Additionally, they are UV-stabilised, ensuring their durability even when used outdoors. By investing in these affordable and stable protector kits, you can proactively safeguard your pallet racking system, both preventing accidents and reducing the impact of collisions.


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