Installing safety bollards can protect people and buildings from vehicle crashes, enforce social distancing and even direct the flow of crowds and traffic. But which type of safety bollard is best? There are a few common bollard types worth considering, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always get a custom concrete bollard made for your exact purposes. At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we put safety first and foremost. We have a wide range of bollard solutions to suit Australian businesses big and small. So, what kind of safety bollard is right for your business? Here are the most popular options

But First: What is a Bollard?

A bollard is a short post that provides a protective barrier along the perimeter of a business, commercial or public space. You’ll frequently see bollards in car parks around trolley bays or lining the front of a store, but they’re also used in public spaces to ensure vehicles don’t crash onto footpaths or go through glass windows. Bollards are constructed to withstand a high force of impact. They are frequently made from metals, plastics and concrete, and range from practical to decorative in appearance. Hi vis materials and signs can also be added to make them even more functional. There are six types of bollards that are common in our metropolitan and regional areas.

1. Permanent Bollards

Permanent bollards provide architectural reinforcement, typically in busy city centres and main roads. They can offer light to heavy duty impact protection, and finished with a wide range of materials, in a variety of colours.
Many permanent bollards have been installed in pedestrian areas to create safe zones in the event of a terror attack, which in recent years have included terrorists driving their cars into crowds. They’re also installed to protect against regular accidents spilling into crowds and shop windows. These kinds of bollards tend to be heavier, larger and more securely fixed to the group than other kinds of bollards.

2. Removable Bollards

Protect your business from intruders and costly damage by placing removable bollards around the perimeter after hours. These are a great robbery deterrent because they hinder criminal access. These bollards can be either drilled in place or attached to the ground using a mount system.
If you need the option of flexibility then these are the ideal bollards for your business. We commonly see these bollards used around and within warehouses and other businesses where operations change frequently.

3. Retractable Bollards

Retractable or fold-down bollards are frequently seen in car parks to control vehicle access and space out parking. They typically have medium level impact absorption and come in short pole or flat surface options. Retractable bollards with a flat facing surface typically display a message such as “no parking” or “no standing” using bright and reflective colours and highly visible lettering. If you own car spaces that need to be carefully managed, then retractable bollards are going to be effective.

4. Automatic Bollards

Their name gives this one away. Automatic bollards are electronically operated so you don’t have to manually collapse or retract them yourself. Depending on your needs, these bollards may be the perfect option.

5. Decorative Bollards

Another bollard that gives the game away! Decorative bollards are bollards with decorative features, but that doesn’t mean they skimp on protective capabilities. You’ll see bollards like these in parks and scenic areas, such as the ‘Paris End’ of Melbourne. Decorative bollards allow you to add security value without compromising on design features. Decorative bollards are typically made to match the buildings they serve or compliment the public space around them.

6. Flexible Bollards

Flexible, shock absorbing bollards can handle a high degree of impact, but unlike other bollards, they bend slightly in order to reduce damage to the vehicle. They also rebound and return to their place when the obstruction is removed, making them long lasting and good value. They are typically brightly coloured and used in tight spaces such as laneways and warehouses.

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