Metal walkways offer a multitude of benefits to your site or facility. With durable and versatile features, metal walkways could be the perfect addition to your business. Often seen in factories and the like, this style of walkway is less likely to corrode, making them a dependable element. Metal walkways provide access to multiple levels and literally keep your employees moving in the right direction. These sturdy walkways are uniquely designed to incorporate safety features that keep everyone protected. For all your metal walkway decking needs, WPS has you covered.

Easy Access

Not only do metal walkways offer a path, but they also ensure that path is accessible. With an emphasis on safety, metal walkways create elevated levels for extra space and height on your site. Providing easy travel above areas in facilities where stairways and flooring may not be suitable, metal walkways place a large emphasis on safety.


Whether the walkway is just above the ground or multiple levels above, the safety benefits of metal walkways are evident. With slip resistance, this durable option of walkway provides a stable pathway for your employees. The serrated profile increases tractions underfoot, ideal for when conditions are wet or when the area is sloped.

Underneath mesh offers an effective resource to catch falling objects that are small enough to seep through. Metal also ensures larger objects don’t bounce, such as drills and other tools, protecting those below from harm. Kickplating on the edges also adds a level of protection to those underneath the walkway from hazardous drops.


Constructed of stainless steel and other variants, metal walkways provide a reliable option. Often facilities and sites use harsh chemicals that can weaken, discolour and cause damage to other types of flooring, such as wood. Water and chemicals can sometimes not be cleaned in a timely manner, and this build up can cause short-term danger and long-term damage. Metal ensures your walkways aren’t destroyed from corrosion and other forms of wear and tear, increasing longevity in your structure and safety to your employees.

Airflow & Visibility

Providing air circulation, metal walkways also limit light flow from the top, making them safer with the level of visibility. Metal grates in your fixture also allow more light to seep through for extra coverage below. Airflow is enhanced as this grating allows systems and fans to act efficiently. This airflow and visibility produce high-quality results in your facility, as everyone feels comfortable at work.

How WPS Can Help

Providing a range of extensive walkways and structures, we boast durable and stable elevated walkways. With a multitude of options, tailored to suit your needs, contact WPS today to see how a metal walkway can benefit your facility.