When we think about safety in the workplace, we tend to think first about personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hi-vis uniforms, helmets, face masks and work boots.

If pushed, the average person might also point to a safety barrier installation as a common form of safety equipment but may be unsure about what else could be important.

Of course, personal protective equipment like hi vis clothing, helmets, face masks and work boots are essential, and few industrial workplaces could get by without safety barriers to direct foot traffic around hazards. But what are we missing?

In this blog, workplace safety equipment experts and supplier, Workplace Pedestrian Safety, talk about some of the safety equipment that is not as well-known but just as important for OH&S.

E-Flare Safety Beacon

Warning beacons are very bright light rods used to warn, direct, attract attention, define an area, and in some cases provide a signal.

The E-Flare is renowned within the Asia Pacific region for being the most visible, functional and reliable safety beacon on the market, and for this reason, it is regularly used by the police and other emergency services.

In the context of a factory, the E-Flare can provide a warning light where there is poor visibility or a high need for safety, such as around a dangerous liquid spill.

For this reason, we supply the E-Flare with a mobile stand or lanyard, so you can easily notify everyone in the local vicinity that there is a need for caution.

Different colours and flashing patterns are used to communicate different warnings or messages, so ensure you are familiar with these codes before you light up the E-Flare.

Shoe Sanitiser Bath

When operating heavy machinery and handling dangerous liquids, it is vitally important to avoid introducing potential contaminants or debris.

In particular, shoe sanitisation plays a huge role in avoiding contamination in food processing plants and must be undertaken every time you put on your work boots or return from a different area of the factory.

Rather than spend hours wiping down your shoes, shoe sanitizer baths and automated shoe cleaner and dryer systems are designed to do it all for you. All you have to do is stand in the designated spot.

At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we offer an extensive range of automatic shoe cleaning devices that keep footwear clean and prevent contaminants.

Anti-Slip Technology

Many areas of a warehouse can become slip hazards so it’s important to address slippery surfaces from the outset, or else as quickly as possible.

To do this, you typically need a combination of in-built and portable anti-slip devices. For example, you may opt to overlap your floor with anti-slip matting, or use fibreglass grating along stairs and elevated walkways.

Anti-slip tape and mats may also be required around unexpected slipping risks, such as after a liquid spill, or from watery footprints following a shoe bath, rainy day, etc.

And it’s not just the floors that you need to think about. Handrails, operable machinery and even cables need to be easy to securely grip for your safety, and in these cases, a mixture of non-slip tape and cable protectors may be required.

Finally, tactile mats and bars, along with stainless steel circles and grilles are a great way to remind workers to be careful when walking through an area known to cause falls.

Vest Hooks

While PPE does a great job at keeping workers safe, it’s useless if no one remembers to wear their protective clothing and equipment.

This is why at Workplace Pedestrian Safety we don’t fail to include vest hooks in our range, so you can easily display and hang PPE items for quick storage and retrieval, in a place where no one will forget to look.

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