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Across all areas of Australia, it’s mandatory that warehouses action a fully documented traffic management plan across operations. Required by law, these policies increase safety and awareness relating to the use of heavy machinery – such as forklifts – and situational obstacles. When a business carries out all stops necessary for ensuring there are no challenges and risks to those working in the environment, the health and wellbeing of employees and visitors are maximised across the board.
At Workplace Pedestrian Safety, we’ve designed a range of high-end products and solutions that help businesses further their efforts towards a more secure, risk-free environment. From safety bollards, safety barricades, elevated walkways, forklift safety barriers, crowd control barriers, railing through to fork stop, industrial safety barriers and signage – we’ve got an extensive suite of goods to ensure a thorough approach.

End-to-end services with quality in mind

We’ve worked hard to make sure our products are carefully crafted and manufactured right here in Victoria. As a result, we offer best-in-class safety solutions that meet the expectations of our clients, hitting their goals, requirements and budgets each time.

Utilizing your traffic management plan or working with our consultants to formulate one, we can helpyou enforce all the right steps to create a safe and secure workplace, be it in the car park, warehouse or other areas of your facility. Add to that our commitment to success and quality, and we’re able to deliver our results-driven solutions to businesses throughout all regions.

If you’re not exactly sure what to keep an eye out for, our experts will support you in assessing your environment and making transparent, honest and reliable recommendations on the best approach forward. Tackling your problems head-on, we’ll sit with you to discuss your vision and requirements, and weave it all together with our knowledge and insights.

Once we’ve got your plan sorted, we’ll get to work crafting the perfect range of full-service solutions to have your systems delivered, installed and actioned when you need them most. Best of all, each of our products is designed with Duty of Care legislation in mind, ensuring you peace of mind in your investment and partnership with our services.

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Custom measuring and quoting

Instead of offering you an option that may not suit, we’ll discuss with you your ideas and requirements, before heading over to your facility to measure up and quote on your project. This allows us to deliver you an accurate, spot-on result that ensures the safety of those utilising your space, rather than an option that may not fit the bill.

If you’d like to find out more about the variety of workplace safety solutions we have on offer, please feel free to get in touch with our specialists on 03 9720 3675 for a no-obligation discussion about your needs.

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