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Recently, WorkSafe released documentation outlining the ways people and forklifts pose risks to each other. Within this, expectations of how pedestrians and this machinery should be separated were highlighted. These standards are important for all warehouse businesses to understand, with the primary points being:

  • There must be at least three metres of distance between the forklift and the pedestrian;
  • Where there isn’t a three-metre gap, there must be a physical barrier properly installed;
  • Businesses must have a thorough, written traffic management plan in place.

Where barriers come into play

Although the three-metre distance does present a number of benefits, pedestrian barriers don’t actually have official regulations in Australia. This means you can install a basic and get away with it However the overall point of these solutions is to provide protection to pedestrians, not just to comply with regulations – they must contribute to the safety of your workplace and the workers within it.

When installed properly, barriers help to save lives and prevent injury, so ensuring you’re choosing high quality ones is critical. That’s where we can help.

Workplace Safety’s leading range

With a variety of applications and capabilities, our barriers offer a versatile approach to safety in your workplace. • For example, the gate systems & industrial safety barriers range including warehouse pedestrian barriers, pedestrian safety barriers, forklift safety barriers, warehouse safety barriers & crowd control barriers installation available in Melbourne & Australia wide require pedestrians to fully stop at a crossing before they can enter it.

For businesses that require specific types of gates, barricades and barriers, we can develop a custom solution including;

  • Heavy duty steel barrier designed to slow a forklift and reduce the chances of it entering the pedestrian zone causing harm.
  • A range of Armco railing – available at single or double height. For applications where larger forklifts or heavy forklift traffic is present.
  • Sliding, Swinging and electric gates to slow pedestrian traffic and ensure they are aware of the dangers when crossing live forklift or vehicle zones within the workplace.
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Why install barriers?

If you’re not sure why these solutions may be required to increase the safety of your workplace environment, consider the following:

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