Top-tier safety bollards, manufactured in Melbourne

Offering a complete range of high-quality safety bollard and security bollard installation across Australia, Workplace Pedestrian Safety provides leading services towards installation and manufacturing of custom forklift safety barriers and bollard solution as well as a wide range of other safety product designed to protect pedestrian, employees, equipment and services. our bollard solutions offer versatility and durability for all applications and job sizes. Included in our range is a variety of ground plate mounting, parking, removable and inground options to choose from. If you’re in need of custom solution, designed to comply with all Duty of Care legislation call us today.

Protection at its finest

Having formed our business model based on delivering products that comply with industry standards, Workplace Pedestrian Safety contributes innovative solutions covering all types of safety bollards, fixed pedestrian railings, overhead walkways, speed humps, safety mirrors, mezzanine flooring, access ramps and more. All manufactured in Melbourne, our products are custom designed and ready to ensure premium quality and peace of mind from the outset.

In workplaces where moving vehicles are commonplace, it’s necessary to have the right precautions to prevent injuries and impacts to surrounding equipment. While training can contribute to the abilities of staff (be it a forklift driver, machinery operator or the like), it can only do so much. Because of this, it’s important to design a bollard systems and safety solutions that prevent risk across the board.

Why do you need safety bollards?

Bollards positioned at various places throughout warehouses, contributes significantly to the safety of those working in the environment. The benefits of having them implemented include:

  • When properly installed, bollards divert traffic away from high-collision areas, helping to reduce the risks of an accident. As the most popular item in our range, we see firsthand a bollards abilities to create safer work zones across Australia.
  • Beyond traffic flow, bollards also take on the role of being visibility barriers between pedestrians and drivers. Where a collision may occur, bollards are made to withstand impact and protect pedestrians from the vehicles themselves. For this reason, metal versions are often the first choice for facilities with high traffic flows, restricted vision and heavy loads.
  • For properties that require sectioning or extensions, bollards can also assist in increasing the aesthetic appeal and appearance. With various styles and grades on offer, there’s plenty of options to choose from, allowing you to find the right look and feel for your specific needs.

Top-tier safety bollards, manufactured in Melbourne

In order to avoid interruptions to your workflow and operations, we recommend getting in touch with the team at Workplace Pedestrian Safety to understand the various advantages bollards can have for your business. With extensive solutions on offer for a wide variety of applications and requirements, our knowledgeable team can support you in achieving the best approach possible.

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