Warehouse and property protection can become a costly and tolling part of running a business, you don’t want to leave your property vulnerable but don’t want to empty your pockets towards one security and safety system. By utilising solutions, like safety barrier installation, you’ll hopefully be able to avoid any unwanted situations in the future that could potentially damage your facility. Break ins, accidents on site and machinery damage can often be some of the costliest expenses a business might have to cover, even if you have insurance. The options listed below are all great ways to protect property or an environment in a cost-effective way for your business and are easy to erect or install.

Car Park Safety

If you run a busy warehouse with continuous movement in your car park from employees, deliveries and pickups it’s important that you have the appropriate car park safety so that no damage can come to your building or anyone else. Installing parking lot barriers, speed humps, safety mirrors, line markers and signs are all effective and costless options to install. These can ensure that any deliveries know where to go and visitors will know where they can and cannot park, which can affect the productivity of your workplace as well. We also install wheel stops which can become essential for traffic flow and in case a burglary occurs.


Alarms are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to protect your property. Apart from deterring any potential burglar situations, alarms can prevent any crimes from happening in or around your property. There are a range of alarms you can buy and install, even buying the cheapest option will work effectively at protecting your business, so there’s no fear of overspending. This is a great and cheap option to install if you want to improve the security of your property in no time at all.

Security Systems 

On top of installing alarms around the property, a good security system is another worthwhile approach that can protect your warehouse. By installing a security system along with an alarm you’ll truly have the most effective alarm system. Depending on your budget you can also buy and install security cameras, intercom systems and a range of connected devices, giving you full control of your site. And as a bonus it can act as a source of reference for any crimes and injuries.

Barriers and rails 

For properties and warehouse environments where safety is a large concern, putting the correct measures in place to prevent these incidents is critical to prevent any unforeseen accidents from happening. We offer a range of options safety barriers and rails that can keep you and your employees safe. Our barriers and rails can help to enforce the current 3m rule for forklifts in warehouse settings. And effectively prevent accidents involving motorised vehicles like forklifts and pull jacks.


Safety bollards make for an excellent and durable barrier to protect property from damage caused by vehicles or any machinery you may have frequently operating in your warehouse. Bollards can also work to separate foot and vehicle traffic, decreasing the chance of onsite injuries. Bollards can work inside or out throughout your property, providing a safer and controlled environment for your employees and visitors.

We hope this list has helped you out if you’re searching for cost effective protection for your property. If you need any assistance with safety bollards or any other warehouse safety issues, please reach out. Someone from our friendly team here at Workplace Pedestrian Safety will be happy to assist.