Tailored Elevated Pedestrian Walkway & Metal Walkway Decking Solutions Australia


A mezzanine is an ideal option for when your business is looking to expand, but you lack the floor space to do so. Whatever the purpose, Workplace Safety can tailor a solution that’s custom-designed to suit your needs, enabling you to access an increase in space and functionality.

Within this process, we’ll help you design and erect storage options for your mezzanine, primarily across:

  • Shelving
  • Pallet racks
  • Long-span shelves
  • Bench space, and more.
  • Roll over access gates
  • Handrails

Designed to deliver premium efficiency, our mezzanines are free-standing and do not require the existing building for support. Best of all, each platform can be tailored to include essential features and amendments that your business may require to run efficiently.

For solutions that demand additional platforms and railings, we can customize multiple floors and connections to create the perfect expansion project.

For solutions that demand additional platforms and railings, we can customize multiple floors and connections to create the perfect expansion project.


We can provide sturdy and safe staircase options for any warehouse or factory environment– big or small – to give you reliable access to the higher reaches of your business.

Whatever solution is required for the job – from straight, L-shape or otherwise – we can create a solution to maximize your space, along with the quality and assurance that your end-product will be safe and reliable under heavy traffic.

All of our staircases and railings are made to meet Australian standards from heavy-duty materials and assembled by professionals with a strong focus on safety, to give you peace of mind when accessing high points on a daily basis.

Elevated walkways and roof access

Do you have multiple mezzanine floors, buildings, storage areas or access to roof mounted assets.

Our expert team of professionals can erect elevated pedestrian walkway, metal walkway decking, catwalks, and lightweight roof walkways installation that make accessing your building(s) easier, and more importantly, safer in Melbourne & across Australia. Helping you to improve productivity, we can grant you the ability to cut down transit time between sections for your business.

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Quality ramp solutions across access, disabled and elderly applications

Utilizing comprehensive design and drafting processes, and a high-end manufacturing approach, we craft best-in-class ramps for a variety of contexts. Backed by our lineup of experienced engineers, specialists and consultants, we create custom-tailored ramp products to meet our clients’ individual needs. These include ramp solutions such as:

  • Modular
  • Mini
  • Permanent
  • Adjustable
  • Timber
  • Hand-rail equipped, and more.

Dock plates and container Ramps

These products create the perfect ramp between trailers and docks, including highly visible painting and robust design allowing safe access for loading and unloading trailers and container from either loading docks or on the ground.

Our commitment to high-end safety solutions

Our team of experienced engineers are trained to deliver the product to the highest of safety standards and can customize solutions that suit your needs, all the while protecting your workforce from the risk of injury or harm.

With end-to-end, tailor-made solutions available as part of our offering, we present reputable safety services for Australian businesses looking for a peace of mind and security. To top it all off, all of our work includes full insurance coverage towards projects and workers.

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