Pedestrian safety is something overlooked by most workplaces, including big brands and companies. But if a pedestrian is involved in an accident on business premises, that business might be liable to pay damages. That’s right, a business’ responsibility includes ensuring that vehicles and pedestrians move safely. Using metal walkway decking or putting barriers in place can solve many traffic problems. WPS has got you covered if you own a business and are proactive about making your facility safe for pedestrians.

 Who are pedestrians?

You might think only the people walking past your office building are pedestrians. This is not the case. The people who pass by your facility are not the only people who can be categorised as pedestrians. It even includes you. They are the people who travel on foot. In the workplace, employees, members of the public, and visiting workers are all termed ‘pedestrians’.

Why is Pedestrian Safety important?

Pedestrian safety is something overlooked by many employers. However, it is an important issue that must be handled adequately. When you ensure pedestrian safety, it shows that you care about the lives of your employees and visitors, and you want them to feel welcomed.

It is a fundamental right of every employee to have safe access to their workplace. Pedestrian safety should be an essential objective for any business. The areas where people move and congregate should be free of any hazards that might threaten their safety. Measures should be taken to avoid putting pedestrians’ health at risk.

 How can you ensure pedestrian safety as an employer?

If you are an employer or a person in charge of a workplace, you must ensure pedestrian safety. Very few employers pay heed to public concerns. Here are measures that you need to adopt to ensure pedestrians are safe. All measures should be adopted from a safe workplace guideline.

  • Identify any potential safety hazards at the primary worksite.
  • Mark areas that are of potential risks.
  • Make specific pathways for pedestrians to make crossing easy for them.
  • Separate the pedestrian and vehicle route inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Make sure you accompany the visiting workers at all times unless they are familiar with your workplace.
  • Ensure that all employees are informed on traffic management systems and safe systems of work.
  • Take active steps to minimise, eliminate and prevent any hazards.

Why should you ensure pedestrian safety?

Apart from moral obligation and social responsibility, you might wonder why you should ensure pedestrian safety. How can it be beneficial to you? Would spending a large sum of money to mitigate potential risks for pedestrians be worth it? On the surface, implementing pedestrian safety measures may seem like an annoying cost. But think of it this way – when you protect your employees and visitors, you are protecting your business. Ensuring pedestrian safety can save you from incurring liability when accidents happen. Most importantly, it keeps your people, and therefore your business safe.