Hazards faced at a construction site are similar to those at industrial sites. However, some issues are only specific to the construction industry. Employees are at a constant risk of accident when appropriate measures are not taken for their protection. Workplace Pedestrian Safety provides safety barricades Melbourne-wide and multiple other security solutions. It ensures your workers are safe, secure, and protected at all costs.

But are there any other measures that can be taken? How else can constructors protect themselves from hazards? If you are exposed to danger at construction sites on a regular basis, follow these five safety rules to keep yourself and others safe.

Wear PPE At All Times 

PPE is undoubtedly your last line of defence, and you must wear it at all times. Whether it’s the gloves, the hard hat, or the safety boots, you should never be seen without them. Construction sites are prone to hazards and if an accident occurs, your body cannot be replaced but a hard hat sure can. Do not forget the Hi-Viz vest. It makes you seen and ultimately protects you from danger.

Do Not Begin Without Induction 

Two construction sites are never the same. Just like there are different kinds of work needed at various sites, they also possess different types of risks. If you are not sure about what to do, working at any site can be highly dangerous. Do not start your work without an induction. It is important and guides you about what to do, and not to do.

Keep The Site Clean 

We know it can get hard to keep the area neat when there is a lot of construction work going on. But do you know how major accidents occur at construction sites? By trips and slips. Construction is no doubt messy but try to keep the site clean to avoid risk of slipping or tripping. Take extra care to keep escape routes clear and ensure they are easily accessible.

Avoid Risks 

Risks aren’t created on purpose. But they can occur nonetheless and there’s an ever-present chance of this on the construction site where heavy machinery is on the go at any given moment. Luckily, the chances of these risks resulting in damage or injury can be avoided by implementing and following simple safety rules. This can include exclusion zones around machinery, lifting limits, and supervision systems. Everyone should be up to date on these procedures to avoid risk and show responsibility in everything they do.

Follow SOPs 

Most workers find SOPs boring and think they know better ways to carry out a project. Remember, construction sites are not a place to practice your creativity. Carrying out tasks without following SOPs can be highly dangerous. It can harm you, your fellow workers, and the project can suffer major loss. Read any industry or company guidelines before beginning a project and follow construction signs and procedures.

How Does WPS help? 

On top of following construction site safety rules, there are multiple safety barricades that should be installed at construction sites to ensure workers’ safety. WPS deals in all kinds of safety solutions. What are you then waiting for? Reach out today! WPS is here to help.