Metal walkways can offer permanent or temporary solutions to any of your storage or accessibility problems. From staircases to mezzanine levels, entrance ramps, pedestrian event walkways, and metal walkway decking, here’s all you need to know. We offer customisable solutions that are high quality, affordable, reliable, and safe. Get in touch to get a quote today.


Metal walkways are a durable and innovative inclusion to any space. Part of our everyday lives metal walkways are either installed as permanent fixtures in a space or can be set up and packed down for temporary use. Made from a range of different metals ranging in dimension, shape, and texture, metal walkways or staircases can be customised to fit the needs of any project.

Some of the features you can choose to include on your metal walkway, staircase, or ramp include:

  • Modular
  • Hand-rail equipped
  • Adjustable
  • L – shaped, T – Shaped and more


Metal walkways, decking, and staircases are often used to ease accessibility, promote a safer environment for pedestrians, and enhance the functionality of a space. They are particularly fit for heavy duty use. Around machinery and vehicles they offer safe and sturdy accessibility.


Most popularly used in factories, car parks, large industrial buildings, construction sites, warehouses, and large scale festivals, metal walkways can be applied almost anywhere. They’re totally customisable and so we are able to tailor them to meet specific needs. Guide patrons around festivals safely and preserve terrain underneath, guide pedestrians safely around construction sites and over any power leads, access mezzanine levels for better storage in offices and warehouses, or make your space ramp accessible.


Our metal walkways are free standing so you’re not limited by existing structures of your building or space. We also build all of our metal walkways in keeping with Australian safety standards. Using heavy-duty, durable materials assembled by trained professionals with a strong focus on safety, we can deliver on peace of mind with your project.If your project or space needs a metal walkway solution, don’t compromise on quality or safety. Get the results you’re after with WPS. Choose from a variety of metals, shapes, and formats, and have them designed and installed safely by an expert team. Get in touch today to elevate your space with a metal walkway.