There are millions of workplaces with a whole range of unique safety risks and requirements. This article will be focusing on places of work that are located in a warehouse. Even within this industry, the workplace can come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Different warehouses pedestrian barriers have different layouts – not only on the floor, but multiple levels too. A popular way to maximize this kind of places’ usability is to build upwards. It’s likely to see, for example, a warehouse with an elevated pedestrian walkway. Though sometimes a simpler (and more risky) ladder is the only method of access to a particular platform. Would you consider that a big warehouse with mezzanines and lofts could benefit highly from elevated walkways installation? These are the kinds of ideas that could to create a safer workplace and they shouldn’t rest solely on the manager of the business or worksite. Everyone who is working in these spaces should be held to obligations of workplace safety and be able to voice their ideas on the safety of their work environment.

It is pivotal that in any workplace, especially one where heavy machinery and high stacking shelves can be found, there is a strong culture of safety. Although it’s easy enough to have posters or booklets with information available to your team, that isn’t the best you can do. Take a read through these creative and engaging ideas to bring thoughts and methods of safety in the workplace to the front of your team’s mind.

Safety Training Workplace Video

Educational experts agree that everyone learns differently. Some people are visual and can learn best from reading, while others retain more information while listening or having a more hands-on experience. Being able to present material in a variety of ways covers all these learning methods to make sure important safety barrier installation messages are being picked up and understood by everyone.

To keep things interesting, try playing a video in conjunction with a short lecture. Try playing a short, entertaining video at the start or end of your presentation to solidify the topics you’ve covered. Often videos that use humor can encourage main points to be retained better than a talk alone. There are plenty of relevant and engaging videos available for free on the internet for a Warehouse.

Switching Up the Presenter

Imagine these presentations from your audience’s point of view. You might be great speaker, but hearing the same voice talk over the crowd week after week can sometimes get drowned out. Get everyone actively involved. You could begin a roster of people from different departments to take turns speaking on different topics. Provide bullet points and let the appointed spokesperson present these ideas how they like. This makes them feel super involved and grants a feeling of ownership in the safety of the workplace. All it could take is even asking a new face, like a representative from your local governmental safety office, to peak interest from all of your team.

It is important to get everyone on the worksite up to the latest and best standards in your pedestrian safety barriers policies and procedures. Developing an inclusive culture around these topics can greatly drive the understanding and participation of these ideas.